June 15, 2016
4:26 pm

Last month during my travels to Los Angeles, I was given the opportunity to shoot with Next LA. I was quite excited to incorporate some scenery different than my work in NYC and Nashville, so we set out for the desert. My long time pal and brilliant director Tyler Evans joined me for this project. He knows all the great spots you can shoot in without having a nice run in with the permit cops in the city of angels… and lofty fines. We assembled a team, and headed out to meet Larsen.

Larsen is an incredible dancer, and has quite an impressive presence on YouTube. As soon as I learned she was a dancer, it became evident we had to really move on set. Larsen was up for just about anything, and we had a great time hopping around the rocks in the setting sun.

I’m thankful to an incredible team for making this one happen…
Model | Larsen Thompson with Next LA
Film | Tyler Evans
Beauty | Andy Trieu
Styling | Quinn Headley

Check out Tyler’s Film below with images from our shoot to follow.