October 16, 2016
5:58 am

Fashion Happening Nashville is an annual event in Nashville curated by my friends Hunter Claire Rogers and Anna Zeitlin. Each year they choose a small number of designers and creatives in the city to display their work amongst the art in the prestigious Zeitgeist Gallery.

A shift in theme occurs each year, and this year was all about capturing the Imaginary Process of Creativity. Designers/photographer were paired together and charged with imaginatively communicating their design process through a series of images. I was paired with handbag designer Emil Erwin. Being an admirer of Emil’s craftsmanship for many years, I was honored when I got word I would be able to dive in and interpret his process. Given the opportunity to show in an artistic setting, we decided to take things in a more abstract direction. We left our planet and created a new one.

I worked with the incredibly talented Megan Thompson for hair and makeup on this project. She created the metallic eye using little bits of metallic minerals affixed to Clare’s eyelids, and it really blew me away. We knew Clare would be the perfect model for this shoot, so she was my first choice to communicate the story. It’s always fun to see a model commit and become the character, which Clare did so well.

Once the shoot was completed, the photos were hung on an incredible structure amongst the other participants for the community to come and enjoy. It was a beautiful event, so I wanted to be sure to share some images from the elaborate setup dreamed up by the Fashion Happening Team.

Model | Clare with Amax Talent
Beauty | Megan Thompson with Amax Talent
Lighting Assist | Austin Lord

“Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning into the funeral.”

– Kahilil Girban, “On Houses”

July 19, 2016
5:07 am

Earlier this summer, I collaborated with my friends at Margaret Ellis Jewelry to capture their Summer capsule collection. We quickly decided on a warm color palette with a muted wardrobe. I decided to light everything with the available light from the sun with some assistance from some magic reflector boards. Take a look at the beautiful collection below.

Jewelry Magic | Mclaine Richardson
Model | Lydia Touchten from AMAX Talent
Beauty | Beauty by Ana Liza with AMAX Talent
Styling | Connie Richardson